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Koishi is a cross-platform, extensive, high-performance chatbot framework.

The name and icon design are inspired from Komeiji Koishi, who is a character in Touhou Project. Komeiji Koishi manipulates the unconscious, which symbolizes the theme of a chatbot as well as the love of the Koishi developers for it.


Out-of-the-box Experience

Koishi provides an out-of-the-box console. Even zero-based users can build their own chatbots in a few minutes.

  • Plugin Marketplace. You could easily download and install plugins in the console without any programming knowledge
  • Multiple Platform Supports. Koishi supports mainstream chat platforms such as QQ, Telegram, and Discord. Data should be exchangeable between different platforms and accounts.
  • Real-time Monitoring. Monitor the running status or change the behavior of the chatbot anytime through the control panel, and even chat as the bot account itself

Power of Community

After four years of iteration, Koishi has developed a rich plugin ecosystem and a robust system that matches it. 超过 1000 个官方和社区插件覆盖了机器人开发的方方面面,从平台支持、数据库、资源存储、网页控制台、状态管理到具体的业务功能一应俱全。Whether your goal is to build a large-scale interactive application or a lightweight assistant chatbot, Koishi provides you with the best practices. We have also detailed documents for you in case that you are worried about the complexity of the massive functions through plugins.

Made for Developers

In addition, there are many professional functions for developers built in Koishi, allowing plugin developers to build scalable solutions for various complex requirements.

  • Fully Typed: Koishi is completely developed based on TypeScript, with first-class type system and code auto-complete that allow you to write code without even looking at the documentation.
  • Unit Testing: All core functions have passed unit test case, not only ensuring the reliability of the core functions of Koishi, but also providing developers with a series of best practices for testing plugins and solving problems.
  • Hot Module Reload: When developing Koishi plugins, you could just save the modification into the files, Koishi would reload plugins for you automatically, making it as smooth as front-end development.

Get Started

Click Getting Started to start your journey with Koishi.