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If you have problems when using Koishi, or have new ideas to share to other users, welcome to join our community.

QQ Groups

For users


This group is for the users who newly used Koishi, or have problems when using Koishi and hope to receive an answer. There are many friendly members in the group and ready to answer your questions every time!

For developers


This group is for the users who had learned Node.js / TypeScript and interested in Koishi Development. You can discuss anything deeply about Koishi in this group.


Join the Server

Our Discord server has channels with different features such as Version Releases, Development Discuss and Question Feedback. You can also participate in discussions here.


Join the Chat Group / Join the Announcement Channel

Welcome to join our Telegram chat group, where you can participate in discussions or receive version update notifications in the announcement channel.


Forum is a special way of discussing. Your issues, ideas, feedback will save forever. And you can have different discussions at the same time.Your questions are more likely to be answered in the forum and can be saved for the benefit of others.

Enterprise Support

QQ:2953529126 / WeChat:ilharp

We provide exclusive support for enterprise users. In addition to participating in discussions through the above methods, enterprise users can also add customer service to get one-on-one exclusive support.