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Cross-platform Chatbot Framework Made With Love

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor the status of your bot in real-time with Koishi dashboard.

Simple Configuration

Customize your bot easily with variety of plugins and graphic user interface operation.

Power of Community

A huge number of plugins available for Koishi, you could find almost everything in the Koishi Marketplace.

Database Integration

Koishi handles easily a million of data with a multi-driven and high-performance database.

Lightning Fast Preview

When installing or configuring any plugin, you can instantly start a simulated chat and preview effects in Koishi sandboxes.

Made for developers

Koishi 更为开发者提供了众多专业功能,使开发者得以在各种复杂需求中构建规模化的解决方案。

TypeScript supporting

Koishi 完全基于 TypeScript 开发,拥有顶级的类型支持,丰富的代码提示让你在编写代码的时候甚至无需查看文档。





HMR supporting

When developing a Koishi plugin, the only thing you need is saving the file. No need to reboot robots frequently. Swipe smoothly like front-end development.